The New York Times in Education

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The New York Times is the leading international news source, edited from dedicated newsrooms in New York, Paris, London and Hong Kong. We provide readers with real-time global breaking news and the most innovative multimedia and tools.

Our academic options enable you to provide access to content that enhances the educational experience for students and faculty alike. For students, opens the door to every corner of the globe and a world of ideas across the curriculum, enhancing awareness of current events and fostering critical thinking. For faculty and staff, and can add relevance to their courses, stimulate classroom discussion and deepen students’ intellectual curiosity.

Ways to serve users - tailored to your needs

Our academic program offers full access to the world’s leading news website,, and the international edition at, as well as their mobile apps. Your users can be authorized via email domain, IP, EZ Proxy or individual email address. It’s your choice.

Academic Site License: For everyone. Enable access for your entire institution with an Academic Site License. Users will have access on any web browser, via mobile apps and from any location on or off campus. For schools below university level, we offer an option for onsite web access only.

Academic Passes or Group Subscription: For a limited number of users. With this option, you enable a set number of users to enjoy web and mobile access from any location on or off campus. You can specify users or elect to provide daily passes that are not restricted to specific individuals.

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